Unlistless Thankies

chamblin's uptown

We want to thank everyone who came out last night and showed interest in the music. Myself, Dr. Strangelove and Eowyn all had a terrific time and judging by the number of bobbing heads shaken booties and hula hoops, y’all did too.

Some of you wanted to know what I was playing last night so here was my setlist. Notice I have paired artists together. This is not uncommon. John Digweed’s brand new ‘Live In South Beach’ 3xCD has two mixes of one track in it and two artists back-to-back (four times throughout the entire set):

  1. 06R – Luminescence
  2. Tim Mason – Together
  3. Andy Ling – Fixation (Relaunch Remix)
  4. Relaunch – One Love (Club Mix)
  5. Aerium – Horizons (Solarstone Retouch)
  6. 4 Strings – Out To Nowhere
  7. 4 Strings – Lights Out
  8. Radion 6 – Radiation
  9. Radion 6 – Overheated
  10. 4 Strings – Monday
  11. Radion 6 – Shattered Dreams
  12. Radion 6 – Year Of Transition
  13. 4 Strings – Take Me Away (2015 Mix)
  14. The Orb – God’s Mirrorball

See you next month. ‘Retablo’ (my latest mix CD) should be appearing on SoundCloud in edited form shortly. Due to technical difficulties the mix CD was not able to be tracked so look for that to be corrected as we move forward.

Onward and upward.