Eden Alison

Eden Alison offers perspective many selectors don’t possess. She is a budding researcher and writer of electronic dance music culture (EDMC) – having presented at conferences and symposiums – while continuously honing her craft: The ability to deliver absolution through sound.

Writing for Jaxlore – an internet mainstay created in 1995 as a LISTSERV for the regional Florida rave scene – she mused on the cultural shifts in EDMC, covered events, and relished her journey through life in rave for over a decade.

Eden represented Ego Killer, a collective showcasing performers who put music in front of persona, and purpose in front of person. Concluding the effort in 2019 after 12 years, she’s moving beyond the collective’s reach, taking the ethos of underground dance music fast forward into the future. Of course, any top drawer cuts from the last 45+ years are fair play.

From 2015 to 2018, Eden hosted two underground electronic music programs for UNF’s WSKR 95.5 FM and appeared on several podcasts. 164 episodes later, graduation called.

Now, Eden aims to make waves around the world; sharing the power of EDMC in community, education, inclusivity, intersectionality, and the spirit of ecstasy.