our own volition 2.

The true-schoolers are #stillfuckinghere and throwin’ down once again for Art Walk at The Justice Pub. A nine-hour vinyl and CD party full of feel good choons for all of us to dance and get our positive vibes on in this rave-forsaken town.

We’ll have the hot new trax on wax.
2018 and all the way back.

Mixtapes galore will be on hand.
CDs? Cassettes? We got you, fam.
From our hearts to yours.

Racism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, ageism, or misogyny will not be tolerated. Staff likes to act with the quickness on that.

Celebrate the true spirit of electronic dance music culture in a safe space for everyone. The Justice Pub bar knows how to kick it.

We’ll be breaking out all the old school visuals from our early 16mm filmstock to the latest digital media – celebrating 24 years of Jaxlore and 18 years of Ego Killer – while Miss Eden Shurman goes out with a bang in her first farewell party; on her way to navigate a brighter future…

Come and join the future, but never forget the past.