Eden Alison Has Been Cloned!

Yes, that’s right. I was able to clone myself and DJ in two places at once. Here’s how: find a UNF bio-engineering major, prep your mixes, book your gigs and bob’s yer uncle: a cloned DJ! Here’s the rundown.

dnb n breaks n phukheadz, oh my!

9/12: DnB N Breaks N Phukheadz, Oh My! @ TSI

I’ll be playing underground house and techno (don’t let the show title fool you) and handing out promos for my two new UNF radio shows (Underground Sound will air simultaneously with my [totally different] set @ TSI) so if you can’t make it out (which you better) you can always stream using the Spinnaker app from the App Store, go to spinnakerradio.com or just listen to 95.5FM. Below is the info:

underground sound

sunday showcase slowdown

Peace, love and grease.