Eden Shurman

“I started buying records in the 80s so when electronic groups like 808 State, The Orb, and K-klass came to my attention in the early 90s, it was like a natural evolution from stuff like Depeche Mode and Prince. The music was and still is more dimensional than verse-chorus-verse rock. So, from ’90 on, most of my record purchases have been EDM.”

“I remember DJing a couple of birthday parties as a teen and seeing how music like Kraftwerk’s ‘The Mix’ would bug people out – they had never heard anything like it. Today, it’s twice as important to keep things fresh and innovative since accessibility is no longer an issue.”

“My style is usually a bit of house, techno and trance. Focusing on any good electronic music from the last 30 years. We all like to pay attention to what’s new but I can never resist sprinking in the classic and obscure. If nothing new ever came out ever again, we could all survive on backcatalogue. There’s beauty in that.”

“Having a close connection to this kind of music runs kinda parallel to the vibe within the scene. In one instance, your favorite music is so right-brained, underground, and we are living in a left-brained, pop-radio world. Within the scene, you have attitude, which is the Alpha, and positivity, which is the Beta – and these forces are usually in conflict. ”